Well Worn

Artists: Brooke Schafer, Nadja Daehnke, Rosie James, Laylaa Jacobs, Mandy Coppes, Martin Ludwich, Olivier Ilene Bothma,  Hannalie Taute, Marianne Kemp, Themba Mbuyisa, Marguerite Roux, Andie Reeves, Gregory Stock, Pierre Le Riche, Dominique Edwards, Rozanne Vos, Megan Taljaard Curated: Amy Lyn Eveleigh Gallery: Cavalli Gallery, Somerset West

Off the Wire

Nic Bothma began his career in photojournalism during the fall of apartheid, documenting the transition into democracy both for local newspapers and international agencies. He is now the Chief Photographer (West Africa) for the European Press Photo Agency.  The first part of this exhibition focuses on a selection of photographs spanning the last ten years …

the trouble with memory

The trouble with memory features the work of Manfred Zylla, Erik Chevalier, Cobus van Bosch, Robert Hamblin, Nic Bothma, Niklas Zimmer, Melanie Cleary, Aneen van Rooyen & Lindeka Qampi. The trouble with memory was the title of Cobus van Bosch’s travelling museum exhibition. Using van Bosch’s paintings as the central axis, this groop exhibition explores …

36 Views of Table Mountain

Artist: Thomas Cartwright Essays by: Pippa Skotnes, Natasha Norman, John Cartwright Gallery: Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town Dates: 27 November 2014 – 11 December 2014

Clare Menck

Outside In presents several departures; most importantly it sees my return to painting on canvas after years of working exclusively on wood. I worked with watery washes for the initial build-up, in contrast to my alla prima work on wood and found the accidental happenings with paint dissolving and dripping onto the canvas both frustrating …

Form & Substance

Erdmann Contemporary Gallery presents a goup exhibition of contemporary South African Art, including emerging and established talents. Participants include Rory Emmett, Eleanor Turvey, Gerhard Human, Wim Legrand, Nomusa Makhubu, Clare Menck, Jeanne Hoffman, karlien de Villiers, Jan Neethling, St.John Fuller, Hannalie Taute, Nicola Roos & Verna Leigh Jooste.

Nomalungelo: Threads to Freedom

Read Return to Library In 2014 South Africans are celebrating 20 years of democracy. Over the past two decades we have been touched by icons who have inspired our people through music and imagery. Through this exhibition we remember these icons and how their stories intertwine with our own. We also pay tribute to one …

Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time

Artist: Liza Grobler Essays By: Jeanetta Blignaut, Liza Grobler, Amanda Botha, Andrew Lamprecht, Barbara Wildenboer Galleries: Oliewenhuis Museum, Bloemfontein, KZNSA, Durban, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg Date: 2014

Open Agenda

Read Return to Library This second solo exhibition of Richard Mudariki, titled Open Agenda , contributes to the international dialogue around African art – it examines various socio-political themes, and is an interpretation of the times we live in. The paintings in this exhibition raise issues ranging from rape, terrorism, corruption and social unrest to …

The Politics of Life

Read Return to Library Richard Mudariki was born, raised and educated in Zimbabwe. His formative years were spent in an African country where society and politics are strongly intertwined; where cultural homogenization and socioeconomic issues are often exaggerated and magnified. As a result of living in a society where cultural, social and economic issues are …