Desperate Whispers

Desperate Whispers: Empathy in the context of an ecological crisis was submitted in compliance with the requirements of the MFA degree at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in the University of Cape Town.

artist: Quanta Gauld
essays: Quanta Gauld
gallery: Michaelis Galleries
date: 2015
pages: 44
Parrot Jungle

Parrot Jungle is perhaps one of the most purely photographic of Lien Botha’s many bodies of work, though of course she has exploited the medium since her early works.

artist: Lien Botha
essays: Bronwyn Law Viljoen
gallery: Erdmann Contemporary Gallery
date: 2009
pages: 33
Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes, encourages reading against the grain as a subversive act, as a protest against reality and ultimately as an act that could form part of a really creative piece of work. He urges the participating artists to frame political and artistic forms as problems, to reframe tradition and to explore ways to depart …

artist: Various Artists
essays: Pauline Froschauer
gallery: Fried Contemporary Art Gallery
date: 21 JANUARY - 20 FEBRUARY 2016
pages: 57

The Dead Bunny Society and Priest have teamed up in a collaborative effort to launch the Priest space at 142 Jan Smuts as a go to venue for great young and emerging artists to exhibit by launching a group show of various artists from around the country and abroad, curated by Dead Bunny Society.

artist: Various Artists
essays: Neil Nieuwoudt
gallery: Priest Space
date: 20 August to 08 September 2015
pages: 50

Dead bunny society in association with Priest presents a group show of artworks at the Turbine Art Fair 2015.

artist: Various Artists
essays: Stephan Erasmus
gallery: Turbine Art Fair
date: 16 - 19 July 2015
pages: 102

Deadbunnysociety in association with Underculture Contemporary presents a show titled Macabre curated by Peter Mammes.

artist: Various Artists
essays: Peter Mammes
gallery: Underculture Contemporary Gallery
date: 25 March - 17 April 2015
pages: 42
Crossing Boundaries

South African contemporary exhibition that took place in The Gallery at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar with artists Lien Botha, Nadja Daehnke, Hasan Essop, Husain Essop, Svea Josephy, Sharlene Khan and Nomthunzi Mashalaba

artist: Various Artists
essays: Jochen Sokoly and Ortrud Mulder
gallery: The Gallery - Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
date: 26 January - 5 March 2011
pages: 37